>> Passive Solar build with large south-facing windows to allow ample sun to filtrate in during the winter months and a custom designed solar shade calculated to the proper angles to keep the sun rays out in hot summer months


>> High end triple pane windows - Argon gas filled - fiberglass frame with zero thermal bridging designed and manufactured in Colorado


>> 8" thick walls with closed-cell foam and blown-in spider insulation.  ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) down 3 ft to footer for vertical insulation.  All windows and doors sealed with High-R foam


>> ZIP panels to brake all thermal bridging along stud framing


>> Beetle-kill spruce trees for all timbers and siding -- locally harvested in nearby forests


>> Small building footprint to reduce land disturbance


>> Small building envelope to maximize energy efficiency and reduce waste


>> Using existing utilities that transected the property vs building large infrastructure to extend the utilities 


>> Insulation = R-36 walls, R-50 ceiling, R-6 windows, R-43 floor


>> On-demand water heaters


>> Colored sealed concrete floor to act as a thermal mass (heat-sink) during winter months and cooling effect for summer months

>> Radiant eco-heaters efficiently heats the objects and keeps a steady, ambient temperature and allows the room to feel warmer, at lower temperatures

Natural Elements

>> Cross-wind air flow for cooling

>> Water collecting/rain water harvesting roof design

>> Large outdoor living with large patio in front of each cabin

>> Clustered parking to allow green-space around each cabin

>> Natural spring water flow behind the cabins

>> Native vegetation of cottonwood trees, aspens, grasses, wildflowers, and forbs. Many trees left and protected during construction.  Top soil saved and moved back on site after grading


>> Built in a mountain town with plenty of outdoor enthusiasts and has a knack for promoting environmentally conscious decisions


>> Infill development to avoid developing Colorado's precious virgin mountain lands


>> On-site washer and dryer for residents with clothes line option


Minimal + Artistic!

>> Walk-in units to increase connectivity and community

>> Funky cabin design to promote creativity, art, and pride in where one lives

>> Ability to house 5-10 people on 1/2 acre of land without sacrificing people's privacy and space

>> High open ceiling for a spacious feel

>> The cabin layout is in a flowing pattern vs "cookie-cutter" row pattern

>> Custom built, on-site by local skilled contractors all who live and work in the area.  


>> Construction material bought through local, Chaffee County, businesses


>> Built with no plastic or composite materials.  


>> Building materials are natural and imperfect to add to character and reduce the "cookie-cutter" look

>> Four "in-wall niches" with cam lights for placement of art and expression

>> Fun, funky, and sustainable for minimalist living

Sorry, no Vacancy

The cabins are currently full with amazing full-time people living and working in Chaffee County